Year: 2018

A To-Do List Before You Store Your Boat or RV

Before you store your boat or RV for the winter season or for a period of time when you’ll be out of town, there are a few important things to do first. Once you have all of these steps taken care of, you can safely store your vehicle without any issue. In this post, we’ll introduce you to a comprehensive to-do list before storing your boat or RV.

A To-Do List Before You Store Your Boat or RV

  1. Make Sure The Vehicle is in Working Order: Before you can store your boat or RV away from a long period of time, you need to first ensure that said vehicle can still operate correctly. The last thing you or a storage facility wants to deal with is a vehicle that breaks down and can’t be moved without a tow. Speaking of a tow, it’s important to confirm that your vehicle can be driven into the storage facility rather than towed. This also ensures that the vehicle is indeed in working order.
  2. Have The Proper Credentials: Don’t show up to the storage facility without first bringing all the proper documentation. You’ll need to present the center with proof of insurance and vehicle registration. You’ll also need to make sure that the vehicle has current, updated license plates and tags that won’t expire during the time the vehicle is being stored.
  3. Run a Quick Inspection: Before storing your vehicle, check the tires to make sure they are inflated. Next, check the gaskets and fuel lines. It’s also a good idea to get as much gasoline out of the tank as possible before storing the vehicle for a long period of time. You can also ask the storage facility if additional security measures can be put in place, such as tie downs and tire locks.

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Camper Storage: Why It’s Preferred Over Parking in Your Yard

If you own a camper, you may think it’s okay to park it in your yard between uses. However, dedicated space from Party Barn Boat and RV Storage is a better solution for a number of reasons, a few of which are listed below.

Camper Storage: Why It's Preferred Over Parking in Your Yard

#1. It protects your camper from storm damage

During a storm, your vehicle is virtually unprotected if sitting out in the open. As such, you could easily sustain damage from falling limbs, hail, and flying debris. Our covered spaces will keep your camper safe regardless of the weather conditions outside.

#2. Keeps people from breaking in or vandalizing your camper

A recreational vehicle can often be an attractive nuisance to passersby. Leave your camper sitting for too long, and it is likely to get broken into or even vandalized. That won’t be a problem when it’s parked inside our secure facility. Our property is surrounded by solid fencing and an electronic gate that only those with approved access can open.

#3. It frees up space in your yard

A camper can take up quite a bit of space in your yard, leaving you with little room left to enjoy. It can also make mowing and other yard chores more cumbersome. Not only that, but having an extra vehicle sitting in one spot for months or weeks on end can sometimes become an eyesore. When you rent storage from us, your camper will be tucked neatly out of sight, yet close enough for you to easily access whenever you’d like to use it.

#4. You can maintain compliance with local ordinances

Many locations have ordinances against parking recreational vehicles in your yard. You could be faced with a huge fine for failing to comply, and in some cases the charge might come out to more than what the cost of storage would be.

These are just a few reasons why you should stop parking that RV in your yard and store it safely with us. To find the storage spot that is just right for you, please contact us.

Want to Store Your Boat? 3 Ways to Prepare for Uncovered Storage

When you think of renting a storage unit for your boat, you may imagine putting it in something that is like a garage. But, even though you may intend on using boat storage, you may not want to commit to such a large monthly expense when you have an alternative option. This is when you will want to use uncovered storage to protect your boat for as long as you need it stored.

Want to Store Your Boat? 3 Ways to Prepare for Uncovered Storage

Before you feel confident enough to put your boat in this kind of storage situation, you should take some preparation steps to make sure your boat is thoroughly protected.

Get Protective Coverage

Although you may not get protection from the elements with uncovered storage, this does not mean that your boat must go without this protection altogether. You can invest in a boat cover that covers your entire boat from top to bottom to keep it from being exposed. If the cover is not water resistant, you should consider adding a tarp as a secondary layer to make water slide off.

Remove All Valuables

While you may feel confident about the security measures of the storage complex, you should still remove all valuables before you put the boat in storage. Even if you plan on bringing these items back when you take it out of storage, this extra step will keep these items from being damaged or stolen.

Get an Inspection

Getting a proper boat inspection is worthwhile before you leave the boat for a few months. For instance, you want to avoid a situation in which a rusted part gets worse while in storage. You may also have fluid levels that are low that should be refilled to avoid complications later. If you want to be extra safe, you can ask a boat repair professional for their storage advice.

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3 Boat Trailer Storage Tips

Obviously, it’s important to prepare your boat for storage and that is a labor intensive task on its own. As a result, it is easy for a boat owner to forget about another important investment: their boat trailer. Getting your boat trailer ready for storage is important for ensuring that it has a long usable life. If you are storing it for the winter, the right maintenance steps can keep it in working order when you head back to the water in the summer. Stay tuned for 3 boat trailer storage tips:

3 Boat Trailer Storage Tips

1. Clean Your Boat Trailer

Boat trailer storage begins with getting it clean. Whether it looks clean or not, you should wash your boat trailer before storing it. Even if your boat has never even been near salt water, you still need to clean it. Minerals and dirt from fresh water can cause corrosion.

“Cleaning” in this context does not mean merely hosing your boat trailer off. You need to take care to remove all the dirt on your trailer with the right cleaning products and equipment. Once it is clean, let it dry completely before placing it into storage. Letting it dry helps to prevent mold growth.

2. Inspect for Rust

Perform a thorough check for rust. The most vulnerable points are joints and welds so look carefully at these places when inspecting your boat trailer. If you find any rust, use a wire brush to remove it. Once the rust has been removed, you will want to coat the area with a galvanizing compound.

3. Remove The Tires

Autoblog suggests that the best thing for tires like your boat trailer’s tires is to remove them before storage. Removal can stop flat spots from forming while also preventing dry rot. You also have the option of keeping them covered to protect them from sunlight.

If you are in the Lake Lavon area and want to store your boat trailer for the winter or at any other time of year, contact us today at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage.

Invest in RV Long-Term Auto Storage

While in good health, you may have taken your RV on many trips. But, you may have found out about some health problems that you need to take care of while staying in one place. This means that you may not plan to go on any long drives with your RV for the foreseeable future.

Invest in RV Long-Term Auto Storage

An ideal way to handle this situation is to put your RV in long-term auto storage. This will help you avoid getting into trouble with where you park your RV while also keeping the vehicle safe.

Storage Type

When you look around for storage options, you will be able to choose from covered, uncovered, and enclosed spaces. Although some of them may offer electricity so that you can use the RV, you can save money by skipping this feature because you may not be visiting the RV for a while.

To make the best decision, you will need to come up with a monthly budget for storage. If you want to spend the least amount of money, you cannot go wrong with an uncovered storage space. A great way to maximize protection is by investing in a cover that you put on your RV.


When you do not know how long you will be away from your RV, you may not know how much you need to prepare. Hiring a mechanic to go through the process of winterizing your RV is worthwhile because you can feel confident about the vehicle handling most harsh conditions.


Although you may normally clean the RV on your own, you should focus on recovery by hiring a company to perform a thorough cleaning on the inside and outside. As soon as the exterior is cleaned, you should put on the cover to prevent any dirt or grime from getting on the surface.

If you have any questions about long-term auto storage, contact us today.

Uncovered Storage For Boats And RVs

First, Do You Need Boat or RV Storage?

If you don’t mind dealing with all the issues attached to keeping your boat or RV at your home or office, then storage may not be for you. But knowing the appealing benefits of uncovered storage (and other types of storage) can quickly make you reconsider.

Uncovered Storage For Boats And RVs

What Does “Uncovered Storage” Include?

At a top notch storage facility your boat or RV would park on a parcel of land inside a locked gated area. Facilities are usually accessible before sunrise and well after sunset. You can enter after “punching in” your own unique code at the gate. And payment is simple: using a credit card, with some facilities providing payment by automatic bank withdrawal.

Upgrading From Uncovered Storage

There are occasions when we choose to take advantage of storage away from home, but we desire more than just uncovered storage. Which is why upscale storage facilities offer “upgrades”.

There is covered storage. As the words imply, your boat or RV is protected from the elements by a roofing structure. Your possession is shielded from rain, sun, falling debris, etc.

Also available with covered storage is the option of electricity. This is extremely handy for some customers.

Finally there is enclosed storage. Taking this route provides one hundred percent shelter from environmental damage. Not to mention closing and locking the door, giving your boat or RV total secrecy.

When searching for a facility to store your boat or RV, it’s wise to make sure the ground you’re driving on and storing on isn’t dirt, but asphalt or concrete. That becomes a critical factor during rainy or snowy weather.

Whether you can’t possibly store a boat or RV at your location, or you’d just like it out of your way, contact us with any questions. We provide all of the details mentioned above and could add you to our 5 acre facility today!

The Top Reasons to Use Party Barn for Camper Storage

If you are considering purchasing a new RV, then you may be wondering whether you should store your new RV on your property or if you should rent a space at a covered RV storage facility. To help you as you try to make this important decision, here are just a few of the benefits of choosing covered RV storage.

The Top Reasons to Use Party Barn for Camper Storage

Protection From the Elements

If you are like most homeowners, then it is likely that you do not have the space or resources to build covered RV storage on your property. This means that if you choose to store your RV at home it will be exposed to the elements including wind, rain, and the sun’s harsh UV rays. Over time, direct exposure to the sun can cause your RV’s paint and decals to fade, and it can even fade the fabrics within your RV. By storing your RV at a covered facility you can help to protect it from the elements, which can go a long way in maintaining its look for years to come.


Another issue with storing an RV on your property is security. Even if your RV is behind a fence, it will still likely be visible from the street, making it a prime target for burglars. However, at an RV storage facility, your RV will be protected by layers of security. In addition to being behind a locked gate, your RV will be in an area that is under video surveillance and that it regularly traveled by employees and other RV owners, greatly reducing the likelihood that thieves or burglars will be able to get to your RV.

Multiple Storage Size Options

Unless you have a large plot of land, then you may be restricted to looking at RVs that will fit in the storage space you have on your property. This means that not only will your choices be limited, but even if you find the right size RV you may still struggle to get it in and out of your property. This is where renting an RV storage space can be useful, as storage facilities have large spaces and a variety of different sizes to choose from, which will allow you to easily store any size RV you want.

Contact us to learn more about the reasons why you should consider covered storage for your new RV.

The Primary Benefits of Covered RV Storage

Camping has always been one of America’s greatest pastimes; and with RV sales on the rise, it is clear that camping is only becoming more popular among American families. However, before you go out and purchase an RV for your family, you will first need to decide where you would store an RV. While your first instinct may be to park it on your property (assuming you have room to do so), storing your RV on your property can provide its own set of risks and challenges. If you are considering purchasing an RV, or you already own one but you store it at home, here are just a few of the reasons to consider storing your RV at an covered RV storage facility.

The Primary Benefits of Covered RV Storage

Protect Your RV From Damage

The primary advantage of storing your RV in an enclosed storage facility is that you will be protecting it from the elements. While RVs are built to withstand harsh conditions, it is not good for an RV to be parking outside long-term in an area that sees a great deal of heat, frost, humidity, rain, or wind, as these elements can cause damage to your RV’s exterior over time. In particular, the sun can quickly cause your paint to fade, graphics to peel, and even your interior fabrics to fade. Storing your RV indoors will protect it and keep it looking new for years to come.

Increased Security

Another advantage of storing your RV at an enclosed facility is that you will be provided with several layers of security. While your RV could be left vulnerable to being stolen or broken into when stored on your property, RV storage facilities are often gated, and there would likely also be a lock on the entrance to your enclosed storage facility. When combined with a plethora of security cameras, an RV storage facility provides the maximum protection possible for your investment.

By choosing enclosed RV storage you will be helping to ensure that your RV stays in mint condition for years to come. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of enclosed RV storage as well as to find out about the services that we offer.

Covered Storage for Your Toys

At Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, we totally get it! You don’t want your new Winnebago Via sitting outside in the elements. Hail damage to that vehicle could be devastating! And your shiny Monterrey Surf Edition doesn’t belong out in the elements either! That is why we offer covered storage for your boats, RVs, and campers.

Covered Storage for Your Toys

Covered storage comes in several varieties. We offer covered storage with and without electricity. We also offer a few different clearance levels—9.5′, 11′, and 11.5′. This will allow you to pick appropriate storage for your needs. We want our customers to feel confident when their vehicles are in storage. Rest assured that they are safe from the elements, intrusion, and anything else that might keep a boat or camper owner up at night.

However, if your boat or camper has been around for a while and you aren’t as concerned with potential weather-related damage, uncovered storage is the less pricey option. Uncovered storage spaces are 12′ by 30′.

Or if you would really just feel better if your vehicle was in enclosed storage, we offer that as well. The spaces come in the same dimensions as the uncovered storage. The only difference is you can choose between 8′ clearance and 9.5′ clearance.

No matter what storage option you choose, Party Barn Boat & RV Storage is located conveniently between Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. That way you can come pick up the boat and head out to the lake without a lot of extra tasks or miles out of the way. Storage is perfect for people with HOAs, people that don’t have enough room at their own home to store their campers, RVs, or boats, and for people that just want to keep those vehicles out of the way and out of eyesight.

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Secure Your RV With The Right RV Storage Facility

Your RV is your very own home away from home as you travel from one destination to the next. Not only is it your home while you are a traveling, it is also a sizable financial investment. When you are not using your RV, we know you want to make sure your RV stays in the perfect condition and that it remains safe. Instead of parking your RV in your backyard or letting it take up most of the space in your backyard, you can choose to store your RV in a storage facility.

Secure Your RV With The Right RV Storage Facility


When you store your RV in a storage facility, you will not only have your own space, but you will have easy access to your RV’s storage spot and you will have privacy. If you ever decide to take a trip on the spur of the moment, you will be able to obtain your RV without any frustrations or hassles. You may also find it convenient to store your RV at a storage facility so you can free up some extra space in your garage, driveway, or backyard. Your RV will no longer be an inconvenience when you need to enter or exit your driveway.


If you store your RV in your backyard, your garage, your driveway, you may not be getting the best type of security for your RV. If you want to have the comfort of knowing your RV will be locked away safely from, you should consider storing your RV at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage. Keeping your RV safe is one of the main reasons customers just like you choose our storage space.

We take pride in providing our customers with the security they have been looking for by providing them with personalized access codes to the gate. Many people do not take these measures to keep their RV safe when it is parked at their house, and you may find it easier to store your RV at a storage facility.

Put Your Mind At Ease

We take pride in creating a safe and family-friendly atmosphere. When you leave your RV at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, we want you to leave it here because you trust our facility and you trust us to keep your RV safe.

For more information about reserving space for your RV, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.