Three Reasons You Should Store Your RV in an Enclosed Storage Space

RVs provide loads of fun and entertainment for you and your family. They allow you to take grand adventures together and make lasting memories. As great as they are though, there will be a period of time when you won’t use your RV. When the kids are in school or work keeps you too busy you might not use your RV for months at a time. It’s important during those times to properly store your RV to keep it in tip-top shape. Storing your RV within a safe, enclosed storage space is beneficial in numerous ways.

Three Reasons You Should Store Your RV in an Enclosed Storage Space

Protect Against Bugs

Your RV is large and has lots of spaces for mice and bugs to scurry into. Finding out that your RV is home to critters is never a pleasant experience. You don’t want to step inside your RV for a week of fun sight-seeing only to have your kids screaming over spiders or being chased out of the vehicle by bees. Storing your RV in a maintained, enclosed space can prevent occurrences like these from ruining a fun vacation.

Protect Against Theft

It would be nice if everyone in the world respected others enough to leave their property alone, but we don’t live in a world like that. It’s not uncommon for someone to find that their RV has been stolen from their house while they were away. The best way to keep your RV safe from vandals is to store it in an enclosed space within a gated facility that requires code to get inside.

Protect Against Harsh Weather

The weather can turn ugly real fast. If your RV is sitting outside it’s in danger of water damage, hail, dust, and strong winds carrying debris. Each of elements can wreak havoc on your RV and cost you time and money to fix the damages. This is especially true if you have a leak or crack in a window or door that you were unaware of. The problems that can arise if your RV is left out in the open are numerous and costly. It’s best to avoid them altogether by storing your RV in a safe, enclosed space, where you’ll be able to rest assured that your RV is safe from harm.

Our safe, enclosed storage spaces provide you with peace of mind. Your RV will rest safely away from bugs, the weather, and vandals until you’re ready to take it out on your next grand adventure. If you’re interested in using our large storage facility to keep your RV safe and protected, please contact us today.

Camper Storage: Protect Your Investment

A camper provides its owners with continuous joy that comes with camping. Taking your home-away-from-home with you gives you more flexibility and freedom without having to worry so much about unplanned or unexpected weather conditions. When you have a camper, you will always have the ability to travel to a location that has the type of weather conditions you prefer.

Camper Storage: Protect Your Investment

Many camper owners spend a significant amount of time enjoying different cultures and everything the great outdoors has to offer. However, what will happen when it is time to take a break from traveling? What options will you have when you want to put the camper away for a while and spend time in your own home?

Many people will prefer to store their camper in their driveway or somewhere else on their property. Unfortunately, some owners have learned that storing their camper at home is not a good option. Some homeowners do not have enough room in their driveway or yard area to store their camper. Some homeowners are prohibited from storing campers and other vehicles that do not meet the guidelines established by the HOA.

We recommend covered storage and/or parking so your camper can be protected at all times. Campers will also be better protected when the camper is parked in an area that can protect the wheels. These are the reasons why many camper owners choose a storage facility that will allow them to store their camper.

When you protect your camper from common and unexpected elements, you will extend its life and you will save money on maintenance and repair costs. If you are an avid camper, we are sure you have invested a significant amount of money and time into your camper. With outdoor, indoor, and covered storage facilities, you have many opportunities to protect your camper from any element.

If you are interested in camper storage, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Happy camping!

3 Tips For Preparing Your Car For Auto Self Storage

If you aren’t regularly using one of your cars, then storing it in an auto self storage facility is an excellent idea. However, it is important that your car is properly prepared before you store it for a long period of time. Here are three great tips for preparing your car for auto self storage.

3 Tips For Preparing Your Car For Auto Self Storage

Fill The Tank

Before you store your automobile for an extended amount of time, it is important that you fill your tank up with gas. This helps to make sure that your tank doesn’t rust inside as it is being stored. Taking the extra precaution and adding a fuel stabilizer solution that is made up of petroleum products can add another layer of protection to your tank by coating the inside and better preserving your fuel.

Remove The Battery From Your Car

If you aren’t going to be using your car for a long period of time, there is no need to keep the battery inside of it. In fact, this may actually be detrimental. Removing your car battery before placing it in self storage can help to ensure that the battery acid doesn’t leak out and damage your car. It can also keep your battery in great condition so that it can be placed back in your car when you decide to remove it from storage.

Invest In Some Car Jacks

Once your car is in place in the self storage facility, it is a good idea to jack up the vehicle. This can help to stop your tires from becoming flat during the temperature changes, thus preserving the life of your tires. Since your car is just sitting in storage, you want to make sure that your tires are as protected as possible and function well once the car is no longer being stored.

To learn more tips for preparing your car for auto self storage, visit us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage.

3 Reasons Why Boat Storage Can Make Your Life So Much Easier

Choosing to store your boat in a boat storage facility has the potential to make your life so much easier. The facility has several features to accommodate you and best meet your needs and three of them will be discussed here.

3 Reasons Why Boat Storage Can Make Your Life So Much Easier

Automatic Gate Access 

One reason why storing your boat in boat storage can make your life so much easier is because of the automatic gate access that is provided. Without even getting out of your car, you can easily enter the storage facility. All you have to do is punch your specific code into the keypad and the gate will open for you. This saves you a great deal of time and energy and also ensures that only those who are allowed can enter the storage facility.

Plenty Of Room To Move Around Inside Of The Facility 

The storage facility where you store your boat is 5 acres, creating plenty of room inside. This makes it very easy for you to pull your boat into the facility on a trailer and store it. This also makes it easy for you to come and pick up your boat whenever you’d like because you know it isn’t going to be overcrowded or hard to back your trailer in. This makes storing your boat a breeze and allows you to get to it as much as you’d like.

You Can Setup Ongoing Payments

Another awesome convenience that boat storage offers is the ability to set up automatic payments. These payments are ongoing and are either withdrawn from your bank account or paid with your credit card. This makes it incredibly easy to make sure that your payment is paid on time each month and you don’t have to worry about late fees because everything is done for you.

To rent a storage spot for your boat today, visit us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage.

3 Great Benefits Of Uncovered Storage

When it comes to storing vehicles or boats, you have the choice of going with a covered or uncovered storage location. Both options are great, but there are certain reasons why an uncovered storage location may be best for you. Here are three great benefits of uncovered storage.

3 Great Benefits Of Uncovered Storage

Easy Access To Your Stored Item 

One excellent benefit of an uncovered storage location is the easy access that you have to your stored item. Whether you are storing a vehicle, an RV, a boat, or some other item, you can get to it very quickly. All you have to do is enter the facility, go to your uncovered storage unit, and drive off. In contrast, getting to an item that is in a covered or enclosed unit can be more time consuming and extra steps may be needed in order for you to take the item out of the unit.

Less Expensive

Items in an uncovered storage unit will not have anything around them to add extra protection. Because of this, they are going to much less expensive than covered or enclosed units. This is perfect for storing a vehicle, RV, boat, or other vehicle that you feel does not need added protection.

Short-Term Rent Options 

When it comes to storing an item uncovered, you may just want to do it seasonally, during a move, or for some other reason that only requires you to store it for a short amount of time. Thankfully, uncovered storage units have a variety of rental options that include short-term rental contracts that go from month to month. This allows you to rent for the exact amount of time that you need and you avoid being locked into a contract and having to pay a large fee to get out of it.

To rent your uncovered storage spot today, visit us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage.

Why Seasonal Camper Storage Can Save You Time & Money

You’ve spent the entire summer enjoying your camper, but with the winter season quickly approaching, you may be considering your storage options. Quite frankly, your camper is a major investment that requires careful preparation when you’re assessing your storage needs. Unfortunately, storing your camper or RV outside among the elements isn’t a good idea because of the threat of structural damage or theft. The professionals at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage offer superior storage options for your recreational vehicle.

Why Seasonal Camper Storage Can Save You Time & Money

What To Expect From Party Barn Boat & RV Storage?

Convenience. Will you be taking a winter vacation to your cabin? The storage professionals at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage accommodates their customers with short and long-term storage options. We understand the need for flexible and being able to decide how long and where your vehicle is stored. We never require an extended commitment and freely give you the option of storing and retrieving your recreational vehicle when it’s convenient for you.

Enclosed/Coverage Storage. Our storage options give our clients the option of deciding how they’ll store their camper. Whether, you choose an enclosed or covered storage opportunity, you will receive your own 4-digit code that gives you personal access to your storage area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enclosed Storage 

Enclosed storage is the best option for your camper because it protects it from the elements and gives you a peace of mind knowing your camper is secure. At Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, our enclosed storage measures 12’x30′ with a 9.5′ clearance.

Covered Storage

Although, covered storage is not equivalent to an enclosed space, a covered storage option still protects your vehicle from the elements. In fact, your can conveniently park your camper for far less than it would cost for enclosed storage.

Party Boat Barn & RV Storage has 12 inch crushed asphalt surface and electrical hookup options for customer convenience. Within 3 miles from Lake Ray Hubbard and Lake Lavon, you’ll love our friendly team of customer service professionals. You’ll find plenty of room to maneuver and some of the lowest rates in the local competitive network too. Store your camper with convenience and a peace of mind with Party Boat Barn & RV Storage.

You’re invited to contact us and ask about our updated pricing options today!



Preparing Your RV for Storage

As camping season comes to a close, it’s time to begin thinking about storing your RV. It’s important to properly prepare your RV before storing it to ensure it’s in good shape next season. Here are four steps to take to prepare your RV for storage.

Preparing Your RV for Storage

Clean Out the Fridge

Any leftover food in your RV’s refrigerator will get moldy. Make sure you’ve emptied all food out of your refrigerator. Scrub the fridge and freezer, and prop open the doors. Place baking soda in the freezer and refrigerator to absorb odors. Completely empty your cabinets and your cupboards, too.


Moisture promotes mold growth, and keeping moisture out is one of the biggest challenges of storing an RV. A good way to keep your interior dry is to install vent covers on your RV’s roof vents, which will allow you to leave them open. Vent covers keep rain out while still providing ventilation.

Use Daytime Shades

Another way to avoid mold growth is to avoid storing your RV with the nighttime shades drawn. Use the RV’s daytime shades, which will allow daylight to enter. Using the night shades may increase the chance of mold if a leak occurs.

Protect Your Tires

Improper storage may lead to a blowout later. Follow these tips to keep your tires safe while your RV is stored.

  • Make sure your RV is in a dry, cool place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s recommended operating pressure.
  • Cover your tires to block sunlight and UV rays.
  • If you can, place your RV on blocks to remove weight from the tires. If you cannot use blocks, ensure the surface is firm and level.

Party Barn Boat & RV Storage offers covered, enclosed and uncovered storage within three miles of Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. Contact us to learn more about your RV storage options.

Discover Why Enclosed Storage Is The Perfect Winter Option

The winter time can be harsh on your RV, camper, vehicle, or boat. Most people don’t realize leaving their most valuable possessions out in the elements can end up costing a fortune or causing damage. Others suffer from a lack of space when it comes to securely storing a motorized vehicle, boat, or trailer. However, enclosed storage always becomes a popular option for both short and long-term storage. At Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, we encourage you to find out what our enclosed storage spaces have to offer.

Discover Why Enclosed Storage Is The Perfect Winter Option

What Does Enclosed Storage Mean For Me?

One of the most obvious reasons for enclosed storage is to protect your vehicle from the elements. For example, you won’t have to worry about extreme heat, cold, or snow by storing your vehicle or boat indoors. A considerable amount of wear and tear can occur by simply leaving your unused vehicle or boat outdoors for a extended period of time in inclement weather. In fact, when it comes to storing your car, an enclosed facility is your best option. More importantly, to prevent theft or damages, finding an adequate enclosed storage facility is feasible.

Why Choose Party Barn Boat & RV Storage?

Our storage facilities are enclosed with concrete and provide a 9.5′ clearance. However, we also offer asphalt. We understand the need for a stand alone boat, RV, and vehicle storage. Our state-of-the-art storage facility provides our customers with their own unique code to monitor their vehicle as they wish. With over 5 acres, we’re located near Lake Ray Hubbard and Lake Lavon. In fact, we take pride in serving military customers. Our 12 inch crushed asphalt surface makes it easier for our clients to store their vehicle, boat, camper, or RV.

You’re invited to contact us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage for more details. If you don’t know what type of storage you need, ask one of our professionals!

Covered Storage: Keep Your Boat Safe and Secure During The Winter

One of your favorite pastimes during the spring and summer season is probably boating, right? Well, you are not alone. Individuals and families all across the globe have enjoyed a day or evening out on the water for many years. Boating continues to be something that people look forward to each year. However, there will be a time during the year when the boating fun will have to be put on hold, and that is usually during the winter.

Covered Storage: Keep Your Boat Safe and Secure During The Winter

There are covered and uncovered boat storage facilities that can be used to protect your boat during the winter so your boat will stay in great condition from season to season. While you may think it will be easier to just have your boat at your favorite dock during the winter season, there are risks that we want you to be aware of.

You do not want to leave your boat at the dock for several months and return to find that your boat is no longer in the position you left it. If you leave your boat at the dock during the winter, you may not spend much time checking on your boat. If you fail to check the condition of your boat, you may miss some things, such as a leak in your boat. If your boat has a leak that goes undetected for a significant period of time, you could return to the dock to find your boat nearly submerged in water.

Also, we expect to see various weather conditions during the winter season. Heavy rainfall, wind gusts, and more can all impact your uncovered boat. Even when you are aware of expected weather conditions, you may not have time to move your boat and get it secured before the rough weather conditions begin.

If you do not want to risk returning to a damaged, stolen, or sunken boat, we encourage you to consider using a covered, enclosed, or uncovered storage facility to keep your boat safe during the winter. You do not have to worry about the security of your boat at the dock or you do not have to worry about your boat taking up space in your driveway. When you choose the covered boat storage option, your boat will be protected from damage, including most weather-related damage.

We understand that this is an important decision for you to make because you want your boat to be in excellent condition when the weather warms up again. We offer various options so you can choose the type of storage that is more convenient and affordable to you. For more information on our boat storage options, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

3 Ways our Boat Storage Units can Save you Money

Here in Wylie, Texas, we are fortunate to have two recreational lakes nearby. Boating on Lake Lavon or Lake Ray Hubbard is a favorite pastime for many area residents, who often bring their own boats with them. Using our boat storage can save you money and prolong the life of your boat-here’s how.

3 Ways our Boat Storage Units can Save you Money

#1. Reduce the Hauling Distance

At Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, we are only 3 miles from either lake. This means you will not have to haul your boat as far whenever you would like to use it. Depending on how far you travel, your fuel savings could add up to be pretty significant.

#2. Protecting your Boat from Damage

A boat sitting in your driveway will attract attention, but not always in a good way. Accordingly, if you do haul your boat home you must be concerned about protecting it from thieves and vandals. That’s something you will not have to worry about inside our safe storage facility, which is securely gated to keep criminals out. You can even choose between covered and uncovered storage to give your boat added protection against storm damage.

#3. More Cost-Effective than a Marina Slip

One of our rental spaces can cost less than a marina slip, making it very cost effective. Unlike wet storage, your boat will remain dry when you are not using it. This means you are less likely to experience damage because your boat was overly exposed to the elements.

Your boat is a major investment that you want to enjoy as often as possible. Renting one of our storage spaces is one of the best ways to take care of your investment and ensure that it is ready when you need it. To find out more about our RV and boat storage spaces, please contact us.