Month: January 2022

5 Tips to Prep Your RV for Winter Storage

Winter is officially here and you might be thinking about winterizing your RV for the off-season. Here are 5 tips that will help get your RV ready for winter storage.

5 Tips to Prep Your RV for Winter Storage

Choose a storage facility

An important first step to prepping your RV for winter storage is finding a reputable and safe facility. Located within 3 miles of both Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard Party Barn Boat & RV Storage is the perfect choice for your storage needs. We offer covered, enclosed, and uncovered storage to fit all of your storage needs. Party Barn Boat & RV Storage has over 5 acres of space and many amenities, including electrical hookups and 12 inch crushed asphalt surfaces to ensure sturdy ground for your RV. We provide our customers with a 4 digit private access code for added security and convenience.

Clean out all food and personal items

Be sure to prevent rodents and bugs from setting up camp over the winter. It is vital to clean out your pantry and cupboards to ensure that food isn’t left on the RV. Be sure that garbage cans have been emptied and all surfaces have been washed to eliminate the smell of food. You could also consider setting up some traps to be proactive against rodents.

Prepare all tanks and winterize pipes

Removing liquids before the cold season comes is an important step in winterizing your RV. You’ll want to make sure that all pumps have been drained and that water has been run through your faucets to avoid accidentally freezing pipes and fittings. You’ll also want to choose an RV-specific antifreeze at this time. Be sure to empty all of the gray and black water tanks and use a cleaning product to avoid unwanted odors from forming while your RV is in storage.

Protect your RV from the elements.

Winter can bring harsh temperatures and precipitation. If you choose covered or uncovered storage, you will want to cover your RV to protect it from the elements. When planning to cover your RV, be sure to use an RV-specific cover for your RV and tires rather than choosing just a traditional tarp or blanket. This will ensure protection from harmful UV rays and severe weather.

Store your RV battery

Remove your RV battery and find a suitable space to store it for the winter. Be sure to store your battery somewhere that is dry and not exposed to cold temperatures. This is an important step in your winterizing process because if your battery freezes, it could be damaged. You’ll want to periodically check your battery for a charge over the winter.

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Why Covered Storage Is An Excellent Option For Your Boat

If you have a boat of your own, you know just how important it is for you to take good care of it. A great way to make this happen is to store your boat in a covered storage unit, at a storage facility, when you aren’t using it. Here are some reasons why covered storage is such an excellent option for your boat.

Why Covered Storage Is An Excellent Option For Your Boat

It Protects Your Boat From The Elements 

Another great reason to store your boat in covered storage is to protect it from the elements. Covered storage provides a shelter for your boat that protects it from wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and more. This helps to keep your boat from getting damaged, which increases the overall life of your boat and helps you avoid added costs for repairs.

It Frees Up Space In Your Garage 

Choosing covered storage is also a great option for your boat because it frees up a great deal of space in your garage. This is very important if you have a small garage and need more space, or if you are hoping to purchase another recreational vehicle, and you need room to store it.

It Keeps Your Boat Secure

Another great reason to store your boat in covered storage is because it is a very secure place to store your boat. Storing your boat in the backyard, or even on the water, is often not the safest option for your boat. Thankfully, storing your boat in covered storage encloses it in a facility that is protected by fencing, security cameras, gates, padlocks, and more. This makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to get to your boat if you don’t want them to.

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