10 Tips to Make Boat & RV Storage SimpleBoat & RV storage doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we’ve got ten ways to make it simple.

  1. Pick a safe place: You want to make sure the place you have will store your items properly. Check to make sure they have levels of security.
  2. Pick a place easy to access: You want to make sure you will be able to access it when you need to.
  3. Clean: Clean all things that would go bad- food, water, etc. Anything perishable you leave in there could become moldy and rotten, attracting insects and pests, by the time you get back.
  4. Dry: Wet items must be hung or removed before storing.
  5. Lock It: Get a good lock for safety and peace of mind. Many storage places generally require you to buy your own heavy-duty lock, but we provide it for you.
  6. List: Take a list of what you need to take out before storing it so you won’t forget anything.
  7. Winter is Coming: Winterize your boat or RV to protect broken pipes and worse, depending on your storage type.
  8. Valuables: Remove all valuables no matter where you store it. It is always best to store them in a location that you can monitor easily.
  9. Visiting: See how often you can visit if you forget something in there. Remembered that your spare charger is tucked in a cabinet? We provide year-round gate access and good office hours. We have computerized gate access and lighted grounds, making it easier to see if you have to stop by after dark.
  10. Relax: Relax and plan your next trip! Think of repairs and take stock of your RV or boat to prepare any additions over the winter time.

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