Month: September 2018

The Top Reasons to Use Party Barn for Camper Storage

If you are considering purchasing a new RV, then you may be wondering whether you should store your new RV on your property or if you should rent a space at a covered RV storage facility. To help you as you try to make this important decision, here are just a few of the benefits of choosing covered RV storage.

The Top Reasons to Use Party Barn for Camper Storage

Protection From the Elements

If you are like most homeowners, then it is likely that you do not have the space or resources to build covered RV storage on your property. This means that if you choose to store your RV at home it will be exposed to the elements including wind, rain, and the sun’s harsh UV rays. Over time, direct exposure to the sun can cause your RV’s paint and decals to fade, and it can even fade the fabrics within your RV. By storing your RV at a covered facility you can help to protect it from the elements, which can go a long way in maintaining its look for years to come.


Another issue with storing an RV on your property is security. Even if your RV is behind a fence, it will still likely be visible from the street, making it a prime target for burglars. However, at an RV storage facility, your RV will be protected by layers of security. In addition to being behind a locked gate, your RV will be in an area that is under video surveillance and that it regularly traveled by employees and other RV owners, greatly reducing the likelihood that thieves or burglars will be able to get to your RV.

Multiple Storage Size Options

Unless you have a large plot of land, then you may be restricted to looking at RVs that will fit in the storage space you have on your property. This means that not only will your choices be limited, but even if you find the right size RV you may still struggle to get it in and out of your property. This is where renting an RV storage space can be useful, as storage facilities have large spaces and a variety of different sizes to choose from, which will allow you to easily store any size RV you want.

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The Primary Benefits of Covered RV Storage

Camping has always been one of America’s greatest pastimes; and with RV sales on the rise, it is clear that camping is only becoming more popular among American families. However, before you go out and purchase an RV for your family, you will first need to decide where you would store an RV. While your first instinct may be to park it on your property (assuming you have room to do so), storing your RV on your property can provide its own set of risks and challenges. If you are considering purchasing an RV, or you already own one but you store it at home, here are just a few of the reasons to consider storing your RV at an covered RV storage facility.

The Primary Benefits of Covered RV Storage

Protect Your RV From Damage

The primary advantage of storing your RV in an enclosed storage facility is that you will be protecting it from the elements. While RVs are built to withstand harsh conditions, it is not good for an RV to be parking outside long-term in an area that sees a great deal of heat, frost, humidity, rain, or wind, as these elements can cause damage to your RV’s exterior over time. In particular, the sun can quickly cause your paint to fade, graphics to peel, and even your interior fabrics to fade. Storing your RV indoors will protect it and keep it looking new for years to come.

Increased Security

Another advantage of storing your RV at an enclosed facility is that you will be provided with several layers of security. While your RV could be left vulnerable to being stolen or broken into when stored on your property, RV storage facilities are often gated, and there would likely also be a lock on the entrance to your enclosed storage facility. When combined with a plethora of security cameras, an RV storage facility provides the maximum protection possible for your investment.

By choosing enclosed RV storage you will be helping to ensure that your RV stays in mint condition for years to come. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of enclosed RV storage as well as to find out about the services that we offer.