Month: May 2019

Discover How Long-Term Auto Storage Can Be A Lifesaver

It’s tough being away from your car for an extended period of time. Are you military personnel or going on an extended business trip? Long-term auto storage can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your car. In fact, keep reading factual details about how long-term storage can benefit your auto care needs.

Discover How Long-Term Auto Storage Can Be A Lifesaver

  • Damage

Damages can be a concern when it comes to leaving your vehicle for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, damage can be a result of extreme temperatures if your vehicle is left stagnant for weeks. If you’re vehicle is left sitting in the sun or exposed to the cold for a long time, your car is subjected to peeling, chipping, or mechanical failures. Plus, entrusting your friend with your car isn’t a good idea because they may want to drive your vehicle against your wishes leaving a possible liability. Driving your vehicle can result in an accident which could easily be prevented with long-term storage.

  • Theft

Thieves prey on vehicles that they see sitting for a long time. A theft will see your vehicle as an easy target if it’s sitting for a while in a driveway or on a public street. Thieves will be attracted to the contents of your vehicle and your car parts when your car is left unprotected. In fact, your car isn’t even safe in your garage for a long period of time. Don’t leave your vehicle exposed to thieves. Why not protect your vehicle with long-term storage? Party Barn Boat & RV Storage understands the need for a reliable auto storage facility.

What Party Barn Boat & RV Storage Offers Our Customers

We’re conveniently located near Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas. Choose from 3 types of storage spaces including enclosed spaces to protect your vehicle. We offer you a peace of mind when it comes to long-term vehicle storage. Our mission is to give your car our full consideration We also offer our customers their own 4 digit access code for private entry and exit access. You’re invited to contact us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage for more details on affordable long-term storage today.

Enjoy Reliable Protection by Getting Covered Storage for Your Boat

Owning a boat in an area with sizable lakes nearby will give you plenty of opportunities to get out in the water throughout most of the year. But, while you may be able to get away with taking your boat out at any time, you may like the idea of treating it as a seasonal activity. This means that you will need a place to store your boat during seasons in which you plan to stay on land.

Renting a storage space is a great idea because it will give you a dedicated spot to keep your boat from the moment you stop using it until you want to take it out again. Choosing covered storage is ideal because it will give you reliable protection from the elements throughout the year.

Enjoy Reliable Protection by Getting Covered Storage for Your Boat


If you look around at boats and cars that are constantly exposed to the sun over the course of several years, you may notice the exterior paint jobs looking faded and certain areas oxidizing. A quick look at the interior of cars or boats may expose seats with cracked leather or faded fabric.

By getting covered storage, you will not have to worry about your boat being exposed to direct sunlight that can damage your boat and reduce its resale value over time.


Another problem that you will not have to worry about with covered storage is the wind. Even if the sides are not covered, you will notice the storage area providing protection with the combination of the top and all the boats lined up in a row to prevent wind from getting through.

When wind is not able to blow freely, you will reduce how much dirt and dust flies around the area and onto exposed parts where your boat’s cover does not provide protection.


If your boat cover has some exposure on the bottom side, you will appreciate covered storage for protection from the rain. It will prevent rain drops from hitting the ground and bouncing upward where water could reach the bottom boat parts and cause wear and tear over time.

Contact us if you have any questions about our boat storage options.