Year: 2020

3 Benefits Of Auto Self Storage

If you are looking for an excellent space to store your automobile, you should definitely consider auto self storage. Here are three benefits of auto self storage.

3 Benefits Of Auto Self Storage

Free Up Space In Your Home Garage 

One great benefit of auto self storage is that it allows you to free up a great deal of space within your own garage. Automobiles can essentially fill your entire garage, which can be an issue if you have multiple vehicles, or if you like to use your garage for other things. You can store as many automobiles as you’d like in auto self storage, freeing up as much space as you need.

You Control When You Come And Go 

Another benefit of auto self storage is the fact that you have full control when you come and ago. The storage facility is open to you 24 hours a day, and is open on holidays. This makes it possible for you to get to your car whenever you need to because you have a specific security code. This is convenient for you and is something you can’t enjoy if you don’t use a self storage unit.

Your Automobile Is Very Secure

Lastly, if you choose to store your automobile in auto self storage, you know that it is going to be kept incredibly safe. The only people who can access the self storage facility are those who own it and those who have storage units within it. When it comes to your particular unit, you are the only one that can get into your unit. This gives you a lot of peace of mind and helps you feel confident in storing your automobile in a self storage facility.

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3 Great Reasons To Put Your Camper In A Storage Facility

When you aren’t using your camper, it is important that it is well taken care of. However, this is often easier said than done when it is being kept on your own personal property. A great solution to this issue is to put your camper in a storage facility. Here are three great reasons to put your camper in a storage facility.

3 Great Reasons To Put Your Camper In A Storage Facility

You Free Up Space On Your Property 

When you put your camper in a storage facility, you can free up a great deal of space on your property. This is incredibly important if you don’t have a lot of room to spare and your neighbors are close to you. You may feel as if you don’t have enough space for you camper and that it makes your home and property look cluttered and over-full. Placing your camper in a storage facility allows you to still enjoy it, without having to deal with it taking up too much space.

You Know It Is Well Protected 

When you place your camper in a storage unit, you know that it is going to be very well protected. The storage unit itself can only be entered by those who have the key and/or code, and then your camper itself will be in its own space that only you have the access code to. The same can’t be said if you are simply keeping your storage unit on your property without any added levels of protection.

Less Exposure To The Elements

Camper storage facilities will either place your camper in a spot with a roof, or a completely enclosed garage. This helps to protect your camper from the elements and can greatly reduce the risk of damage and deterioration to your camper. This is often a much better situation than if your camper was left outside on your property.

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Secure Your RV With Proper RV Storage

The majority of people who purchased an RV have done so because they want to have some memorable experiences traveling from state to state. However, when many people think about an RV, they fail to think about RV storage. RV storage is a reality that RV owners will eventually have to face. Soon enough they will have to figure out a way to keep their RV secure. Since storing an RV is not as easy as storing your car, truck, or motorcycle, storing the RV in your driveway is not always an option.

Secure Your RV With Proper RV Storage

Thankfully, there are RV storage facilities that have been designed as viable option and great alternative. If you live in an area that prohibits you from storing your RV in your driveway, your best option will be to use an RV storage facility. If you store your RV at home and it goes against the agreement, you could be given one or more violations by your Homeowner’s Association. Also, do you really want your RV parked in your driveway for an extended period of time?

When you use an RV storage facility, you will not have to worry about taking up a significant amount of space in your yard or driveway. Instead of using that space for your RV, there are certainly other things you may find to occupy that space. You can free up a significant amount of space in your driveway by utilizing a storage facility that has been designed to store RVs, campers, boats, etc.

Storing your RV at a storage facility can also increase the lifespan of your RV. When you store your RV in your driveway, this opens the door for potential damage and potential theft. An RV storage facility will protect your RV from known and unknown dangers. An RV storage facility that offers covered protection will give you the peace of mind you need that your RV will be 100 percent ready to roll for your next adventure.

If you have been looking for options to secure your RV this season, contact Party Barn Boat & RV Storage today.

Preparing Your Car for Long-Term Storage

If you have a car you don’t need to drive every day, keeping it in a storage facility is a great way to keep it safe and secure. Properly preparing your car for storage is essential. Here’s how to get your car ready for long-term storage.

Preparing Your Car for Long-Term Storage

Wash and Wax Your Car

Your car’s paint job can be damaged by bird droppings or other stains. Before storing your car, take it to the car wash. Clean the wheels and the fenders, too. Apply a coat of wax to give your paint job an extra layer of protection.

Change Your Oil

If you’re storing your car for more than 30 days, get the oil changed before taking it to storage. You should also lubricate your car’s moving parts, such as the door hinges.

Fill the Tank

Fill your gas tank if you expect to store your car for 30 days or more. Topping off the tank will keep moisture from building up in the gas tank. Add fuel stabilizer to protect your engine and prevent ethanol buildup.

Disconnect the Battery

When your car is not driven for a while, the battery will eventually lose its charge. If it’s possible, start the car and drive it for a short time while it’s in storage. If driving it is not possible, disconnecting the battery before placing your car in storage will help keep it charged.

Protect Your Tires

To help prevent flats, ensure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure. If you’re storing your car for more than 30 days, remove the wheels and place the car up on jack stands.

Use a Tire Stopper

Avoid using the parking brake when leaving your car in storage. It’s possible for the brakes to fuse if they’re left for a long time. Instead, keep the car in one place with a tire stopper.

To learn more about long-term auto storage, contact us.

What Kind of RV Storage is Best for You?

Having an RV is a lot of fun.  It is also an investment.  So when the season ends and it is time to store your vehicle in a storage facility,  what kind of RV storage is best for your situation?  Should you choose uncovered storage, covered storage or enclosed storage?  Each one has its advantages.  Here are a few.

What Kind of RV Storage is Best for You?

Uncovered Storage

Choosing uncovered storage for your RV means that it is out in the open, similar to parking it in your driveway, but you have the peace of mind of knowing that it is in a secure facility.   Tall fences and locked gates keep would-be thieves and vandals away from your rig.  Uncovered storage is also the least expensive way to store your RV.

Covered Storage

Selecting covered storage is a great way to give your RV some protection from the elements without breaking your bank account.   Typically, covered storage means parking your rig under a carport-like structure that guards against rain and sun.   You have paid good money for your RV, and covered storage is a way to keep it safe and in good shape during the off-season.   Costs for covered storage are a little more than for uncovered storage.

Enclosed Storage

This is the granddaddy of RV storage.  Enclosed storage offers the most protection for your rig.  It keeps it safe, dry and prevents weather-related damage.   A facility with enclosed storage electrical hook-ups is even better.  You will be able to power up your RV right in the storage facility if needed.  Enclosed storage costs more than uncovered or covered storage but also provides the most peace of mind.

You want to take of your prized RV so it will stay on the road for years to come.  When your ready to choose what kind of storage is best for you, whether uncovered, covered or enclosed, please contact us.  We will keep your rig safe and secure.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

You’ve enjoyed your boat all summer, but now that cold weather has arrived, it’s time to think about storing your boat. Proper boat storage involves more than just taking it out of the water. To avoid unexpected damage and costly repairs, it’s essential to prepare your boat before you store it. Here’s how to get your boat ready for storage.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

Clean Your Boat

Before taking your boat to storage, give it a thorough cleaning. Scrub the hull and the interior with soap and water. Remove any residue and barnacles. If your boat has a cabin, check your cabinets and refrigerator and remove any food items. You should also wax the boat’s hull.

Prepare Your Boat Engine

While idling the engine, flush your boat’s outboard engine with fresh water and refill your cooling system with antifreeze. Disconnect your fuel hose, then let the engine run until it stops. This will drain your fuel line. Apply fogging oil to your spark plug holes and your carburetor. Top off your fuel tank, and don’t forget to add fuel stabilizer.

Disconnect the Battery

Make sure your battery is fully charged, then disconnect your battery cables. Clean your battery terminals. Coat the battery terminals and the battery cable ends with grease. Store the battery in a dry, warm place.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Proper lubrication will keep your boat running smoothly when you take it out again. Lubricate your steering system and control mechanisms to protect them during storage.

Cover Your Boat

Cover your boat to protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture. For long-term storage, shrink wrapping your boat can provide an extra layer of protection.

If you’re looking for a place to store your boat this season, give us a call. Party Barn Boat & RV Storage offers covered, enclosed, and uncovered storage options. Contact us to learn more.

What Are Your Boat Storage Options?

There are so many different ways to store a boat that it can be a challenge to pick one. How will you know what storage option is right for you? How will you know which option is the best one for your budget?

What Are Your Boat Storage Options?

One of the costly sides of owning a boat is docking the boat and storing the boat. For some people, storing their boat can be as easy as keeping it in a garage. However, for some people, storing a boat is not as easy. The storage options you have available can be heavily dependent on the amount of money you have available, as well as the size of your boat and the current season.

There are some boats that can be stored in a storage unit at a price that is considerably less than the amount it would cost to keep the boat at a dock or basin. There are larger boats that will need to be stored outside.

If you need to store your boat, but you have found the process difficult, you may be able to find the solution you need at a boat storage facility.  Outdoor storage can save you a significant amount of money on storage, but choosing the indoor storage option can also save you money as it relates to keeping your boat safe from harsh weather and other elements.

Covered boat storage units are equipped with covers that will protect your boat. Uncovered boat storage units will provide boat owners with a parking space for their boats. Before you make the decision to rent a storage space for your boat, we encourage you to have a clear understanding of the guidelines and requirements that have been set by the storage unit.

Regardless of what option you choose for your boat, you should make sure you care for your boat before storing it for a significant amount of time. If you would like information on covered or uncovered boat storage optionscontact us today.

Comparison: Covered vs. Uncovered RV Storage

When you use a recreational vehicle storage service, you’ll probably have the ability to request a covered or uncovered RV storage space. Covered RVs sit under an unenclosed roof while uncovered trailers are parked outdoors in an open lot. Both options offer several benefits and a few drawbacks:

Comparison: Covered vs. Uncovered RV Storage


The biggest advantage of choosing an uncovered space is that it costs substantially less per month. You can save a considerable amount of money over several years. On the other hand, covered storage often reduces maintenance expenses. It could also help your RV or trailer fetch a higher price if you decide to resell it.


While an uncovered recreational vehicle may receive some shade from neighboring trailers and nearby trees, it faces far more sun exposure than covered RVs. This is problematic because ultraviolet rays can cause significant harm to paint, rubber and other materials over a long period of time.


A roof reduces the need for time-consuming cleaning tasks. It accomplishes this by shielding travel trailers from leaves, twigs and bird droppings. Covering may also prevent mold growth. Either option involves some exposure to wind and windblown debris; only enclosed storage can completely eliminate this problem.


Both types of storage protect these vehicles from thieves and vandals. Many facilities use surveillance cameras, gates and bright lighting to keep criminals at bay. Be sure to learn about a specific company’s protective measures before renting a space. You can also take steps to secure your RV, such as checking locks and hiding valuables.

Regardless of whether you prefer economical uncovered parking or the greater protection of a roof, you will find it here. We offer secure storage at affordable rates. Our customers also have the option to rent enclosed spaces for maximum protection. Please contact our friendly staff today to get started.

Party Barn Boat & RV Protects You During Covid-19 With Enclosed Storage

Many states across the U.S. have reported record numbers of Covid-19 cases. As the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease off, many people have still been reluctant to travel. Are you using your car, boat, or RV less? The storage experts at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage provides enclosed storage for short or long-term storage of your vehicle. Don’t risk damage or theft to your recreational or personal vehicle by safely using our secure storage options. Keep reading more details below to discover how we can help in these unprecedented times.

Party Barn Boat & RV Protects You During Covid-19 With Enclosed Storage

What To Expect From Party Barn Boat & RV Storage

Our experts are prepared to store your vehicle, recreational vehicle, or boat if you’re traveling much less during the pandemic. We’re rated 5-stars and our enclosed storage space is just one of the best options that we offer for your vehicle. We offer state-of-the-art concrete that measures 12′ x 30′ with a 9.5′ clearance. Our clients can also enjoy enclosed asphalt space that measures 12′ x 30′ with 8′ clearance. Your vehicle will have more than enough room with durable space that protects your vehicle from the harsh elements all year round. Rest assured you’ll be confident about storing your vehicle with us based on your unique needs.

Our stand-alone storage facility is conveniently located near Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. Our clients never have to get out of the vehicle to open the gate with their own 4-digit ID code that opens and closes the gate. Plus, we have you covered with handy electrical hookups available in each of our storage spaces. Choose the storage space that’s right for you with discounted prices available during this time of economic unrest. Best of all, we have several payment options including debit and credit cards payments available. Find out more details. Simply, contact us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage.

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Have Peace Of Mind While Storing Your Boat

As fall begins to set in, it is almost time to say good-bye to the hot and sunny days you used to spend on the water. Many residents in different neighborhoods will put their boats away in the middle of September. However, not everyone has the ability to store their boats on their own personal dock. Also, everyone does not have the proper space to store their boats near their homes.

Have Peace Of Mind While Storing Your Boat

It is important to winterize your boat if you want to avoid running into any weather-related problems while your boat is being stored. Party Barn Boat & RV Storage wants to provide you with a few tips for storing your boat this fall.

Clean Your Boat Before Storing

If you want to avoid finding any insects and other pests living in your boat when the weather warms up, we encourage you to clean your boat thoroughly before storing it. Empty all your storage components in your boat. If there is anything in your boat that could attract pests, those items need to be discarded.

Cover Your Boat

There is always a risk of dangerous weather occurring, regardless of the season. Covered boat storage can help to ensure your boat will be in great shape for spring. Covering your boat can help protect it from rain and moisture. You should also check your boats for any areas that may be prone to rusting so you can make sure you have enough coverage.

Use Boat Storage

Using a storage facility to safeguard your boat will provide you with the benefits you need. You will have access to your boat and your boat will be protected for the season. You will have the peace of mind you need in knowing that your boat will have its own space.

If you want to store your boat and have peace of mind it the coverage you will receive, please do not hesitate to contact us.