Month: April 2020

Top 3 Reasons to Keep your Boat in Storage

Boating is one of America’s first loves; in fact, an incredible one out of every ten American households owns a boat. There’s so much more to owning a boat than simply buying one and sailing it, though. Proper maintenance and even storage are essential to getting the maximum enjoyment out of any watercraft. Today, we’re going to go through the top 3 reasons why you should keep your boat professionally stored.

Top 3 Reasons to Keep your Boat in Storage

1.    Your HOA has Restrictions

One of the primary reasons for anybody to seek out boat storage is that their HOA won’t allow them to keep their boat on their driveway. If you don’t have access to a garage or your garage is otherwise occupied, your only option might be off-site storage. Party Barn Boat & RV Storage offers convenient facilities to help you stay on the right side of the rules.

2.    UV Damages your Boat’s Finish

Boats certainly aren’t cheap, there’s a reason they say that BOAT stands for, “Bust Out Another Thousand”. Keeping your boat looking nice goes beyond aesthetics. Your gelcoat protects the vibrancy of your boat’s colors and protects the underlying fiberglass from allowing ingress of water into the boat. Over time, the sun’s damaging UV rays will cause cracks in this protective layer. Keeping your boat covered or enclosed at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage provides you with a means of prolonging the life of your boat, as well as reducing maintenance and the associated costs.

3.    Professional Storage Reduces the Risk of Theft

Keeping your boat securely stored in a facility like Party Barn Boat & RV Storage will keep it away from prying eyes. If, like many boat owners, you’ve got significant money invested in your boat, preventing theft or vandalism should be high on your agenda. Becoming the victim of a boat theft goes beyond the immediate loss of your pride and joy. You’ll likely be stuck with a not-insignificant deductible coming out of pocket, plus higher ongoing insurance costs for years to come. Avoid this eventuality by keeping your boat in our secure facilities.

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Three Reasons You Should Store Your RV in an Enclosed Storage Space

RVs provide loads of fun and entertainment for you and your family. They allow you to take grand adventures together and make lasting memories. As great as they are though, there will be a period of time when you won’t use your RV. When the kids are in school or work keeps you too busy you might not use your RV for months at a time. It’s important during those times to properly store your RV to keep it in tip-top shape. Storing your RV within a safe, enclosed storage space is beneficial in numerous ways.

Three Reasons You Should Store Your RV in an Enclosed Storage Space

Protect Against Bugs

Your RV is large and has lots of spaces for mice and bugs to scurry into. Finding out that your RV is home to critters is never a pleasant experience. You don’t want to step inside your RV for a week of fun sight-seeing only to have your kids screaming over spiders or being chased out of the vehicle by bees. Storing your RV in a maintained, enclosed space can prevent occurrences like these from ruining a fun vacation.

Protect Against Theft

It would be nice if everyone in the world respected others enough to leave their property alone, but we don’t live in a world like that. It’s not uncommon for someone to find that their RV has been stolen from their house while they were away. The best way to keep your RV safe from vandals is to store it in an enclosed space within a gated facility that requires code to get inside.

Protect Against Harsh Weather

The weather can turn ugly real fast. If your RV is sitting outside it’s in danger of water damage, hail, dust, and strong winds carrying debris. Each of elements can wreak havoc on your RV and cost you time and money to fix the damages. This is especially true if you have a leak or crack in a window or door that you were unaware of. The problems that can arise if your RV is left out in the open are numerous and costly. It’s best to avoid them altogether by storing your RV in a safe, enclosed space, where you’ll be able to rest assured that your RV is safe from harm.

Our safe, enclosed storage spaces provide you with peace of mind. Your RV will rest safely away from bugs, the weather, and vandals until you’re ready to take it out on your next grand adventure. If you’re interested in using our large storage facility to keep your RV safe and protected, please contact us today.