Month: July 2021

Smart Boating Safety Tips for the Whole Family

There is nothing quite as relaxing as being out on the water. Whether you are heading into the open ocean for some challenging deep-sea fishing or staying within sight of land, boating can be a wonderful and deeply satisfying experience. No matter what kind of boat you own or how often you use it, boating safety is something you should take very seriously. In a matter of minutes, the tranquility of the water can disappear, leaving a roiling storm and choppy seas in its place. Knowing what to do when the weather turns bad is the best way to keep your fellow boating enthusiasts safe and sound. Here are some smart boating safety tips for the whole family.

Smart Boating Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Swimming lessons will come in handy.

Invest in swimming lessons for family members who will be using your boat. No one expects the boat to go down or start taking on water, but being a strong swimmer could save your loved one’s life in an emergency.

Have your boat inspected on a regular basis

Even if the state where you live does not require a safety inspection, it is important to schedule your own. A regular inspection could uncover safety problems you may have missed otherwise.

Leave the alcohol on the shore

Drinking and boating do not mix, and operating a watercraft while under the influence is against the law. Feel free to enjoy your favorite adult beverages from the safety of dry land, but leave the wine, beer and cocktails behind before heading out on the water.

Keep up with the weather

Use a weather radio to monitor current conditions and keep up to date with storm warnings. Storms are nothing to fool around with on the water, so be aware of changing conditions and how they will impact your planned trajectory.

Fire safety

Keep a fire extinguisher on board and make sure it is properly charged. Fire suppression is very important for boaters, and it is important to have a working fire extinguisher on board at all times.

Take advantage of these summer days and enjoy time with your family in the water, but make sure you are doing it safely! When you are ready to store your boat, give us a call!

4 Ways to Store Your Boat Long Term

Boat storage is crucial for maintaining your boat and ensuring its safety. Long-term boat storage is a long process. Whether you want to store a ski boat, sailboat, yacht, or fishing boat, you have to put in work before storing your boat. There are different options to store your boat long term. Here are the options you can choose from.

4 Ways to Store Your Boat Long Term

1. Uncovered storage

You may opt for an uncovered storage facility when you are on a tight budget. It’s an outdoor boat storage where your boat is placed in the open. It gives you better security than storing the boat at your facility. When you put your boat outside, make sure you use a high-quality cover to avoid sun and mildew damage.

2. Covered storage

Covered storage allows you to keep your boat safe from weather. Our facilities can accommodate different boat sizes and are an excellent choice when you don’t have enough space on your property. Even though they are technically outdoors, covered storage offers protection from rain and sun. Covered storage gives your boat additional protection compared to uncovered storage.

3. Enclosed storage

The enclosed storage gives you warehouse-style storage for your boat. It’s a bit more costly than covered and uncovered storage. However, it is convenient and gives your boat improved security.

4. On a trailer in your driveway

Storing the boat in your driveway is the least expensive way of storing your boat. If you choose this option, make sure you perform routine maintenance before storing the boat. Also, make sure it’s allowed by the HOAs before you decide to store the boat in your driveway.

Where to store your boat can be a complicated question. Using a storage facility gives you the peace of mind you need. Furthermore, a storage facility is a safe option and minimizes risk. If you want to store your boat long term, contact us today at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage.