Month: November 2022

4 Tips for Storing Your RV for the Season

Winter is coming, and the weather is beginning to get colder. Chances are you won’t be using your RV much over the winter season and if that’s the case, then this post, courtesy of Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, can provide you with some tips on the steps to take for properly storing your RV for the season.

4 Tips for Storing Your RV for the Season

Drain Your Water System

One of the most important parts of storing your RV for the winter is to drain out your water system, as leftover water can freeze in your RV and damage pipes and fittings in your vehicle. The best way to avoid the risk of any frozen lines is to drain all the pumps in your RV, and then pump RV-safe antifreeze into your RV’s water system.

Keep Out the Pests

Before storing your RV, make sure you clean out all the trash to keep any pests from getting into your vehicle, as well as take any food out of the cupboards or fridge. For extra protection from vermin, disinfect your tables and countertops so they can’t smell any food either.

Schedule Repairs

A good cost-saving maneuver is to schedule any repairs that you may need for your RV before you put it into storage as opposed to after you take it out. This is because many service centers tend to have lower prices before winter due to the fact that they have fewer customers than they do in May or June, when the travel season is picking up.

Circulate the Air

If you keep one of your roof vents open a small amount, you can circulate some air through your RV and keep moisture from building up in your vehicle, which significantly lowers your risk of mold. If you decide not to use our covered storage option, it would be wise to purchase a roof vent cover to prevent any rain, dirt or snow from getting into your RV.

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6 Easy RV Storage Hacks for Your Trip

Creating extra space in your RV or Travel Trailer can be a challenging task considering that the vehicle already has very little space. But your camping experience won’t be complete without a little more luggage. It’s still possible to squeeze out more space out of your RV, and get the additional storage you require. Here are six amazing RV storage hacks to get you more space:

6 Easy RV Storage Hacks for Your Trip

1.      A shoe organizer to keep shoes out of the way

You certainly don’t want to trip over your shoes while moving around in the RV. Consider a shoe organizer placed around the bottom of the bed to save you some space around your bed.

2.      Use collapsible canvas shelves

You sure need more clothing on your trip because you’re in for some adventure. You can get more space for storing extra clothing by hanging a collapsible canvas shelf on your wardrobes.

3.      Switch to hanging containers

There may be in space on the floor or shelves, but you can squeeze out more storage for your many other items if you use hanging containers. The good thing with these containers is that you can hang them anywhere.

4.      Hanging baskets under cabinets

You could carve out more space n your cabinets by hanging baskets under them. These baskets can hold more items and make your trip more memorable.

5.      Use curtain rings to hang bath products

You sure want to bring your hygiene ang n the trip, but the many bath products may not find enough storage space inside your RV. Get some curtain rings and the problem will be solved.

6.      Add hanging racks in your drawers

As a bonus, you may also consider introducing hanging racks in your drawers to hold your kitchen items. Hanging racks provides more space for storing spoons, pans and other items which you can hang.

Your RV or Travel Trailer may have limited space, but a little creativity and RV storage hacks can help you squeeze more space and store more items for your trip. For information on storing your RV with Party Barn Boat and RV storage, contact us today for more information.