One of the things you have to consider when storing items is to make sure pests such as bugs or rodents don’t get in to chew on your stuff and leave feces all over the place. Here follows some common-sense ways to keep your storage unit pest-free.

How to Keep Rodents and Bugs from out of Your Storage Unit

Use Sturdy, Sealable containers

The temptation is to use cheap cardboard boxes to store your stuff. Unfortunately, rats and roaches love cardboard as part of their dinner. Instead, use sturdy, plastic bins that you can buy at any container store. These can be sealed against any pest that wants to chew on your stuff.

Prepare Your Unit

Before you even move your stuff in, visit your unit and examine it for any previous infestations. You can use bug spray as a deterrent for insects and cotton balls with drops of peppermint oil to keep out the rodents. A few mouse and rat traps along the walls would be a good idea as well.

Don’t Store Food in Unsealed Containers

Pests love eating food that has not been secured. While canned goods are probably alright, anything like cereal needs to be sealed away in the plastic bins.

Keep Your Items off of the Floor

Wooden pallets are used widely in warehouses as a deterrent to pests. They are also very useful for you to keep your stuff off of the floor and out of reach of creatures that like to make them their dinner. Shelves are also a good idea.

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