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3 Ways your Camper could Benefit from Uncovered Storage

If you own a camper, one thing you will eventually have to deal with is what you should do with it during the off season. Uncovered storage space from Party Barn Rentals is an affordable option with numerous benefits, including the following:

3 Ways your Camper could Benefit from Uncovered Storage

#1. It’s Easier to Pull Into

If you have ever been intimidated by the thought of backing into an indoor or covered space, you are not alone. Backing a very large vehicle such as a camper requires a certain skill set that not everyone possesses. This is something you won’t have to worry about as much when parking in an uncovered storage area. That’s because the open feel of an outdoor storage space automatically makes parking more comfortable. Plus, when it comes time to take your camper out again, you won’t have to do quite as much maneuvering.

More Room to Work

You may want to perform repairs or make upgrades to your camper while it is in storage. If so, you’ll appreciate the fact that outdoor storage provides you more room to operate in. Not only that, but you’ll have better lighting in which to complete your work. The additional space will come in extra handy when it comes  time to pressure wash your vehicle or seal up a leaking roof.

#3. Provides Safety and Security

Our facility is fully secured, so you will not have to worry about your camper being broken into. Store it with confidence knowing that your vehicle is far safer with us than it would be in your own driveway. Not only that, but you can free up extra space by not having your RV sitting there.

Our safe, convenient location provides the perfect spot for parking your camper in. If you are looking for an affordable option that will still provide adequate protection, please contact us.

Want to Store Your Boat? 3 Ways to Prepare for Uncovered Storage

When you think of renting a storage unit for your boat, you may imagine putting it in something that is like a garage. But, even though you may intend on using boat storage, you may not want to commit to such a large monthly expense when you have an alternative option. This is when you will want to use uncovered storage to protect your boat for as long as you need it stored.

Want to Store Your Boat? 3 Ways to Prepare for Uncovered Storage

Before you feel confident enough to put your boat in this kind of storage situation, you should take some preparation steps to make sure your boat is thoroughly protected.

Get Protective Coverage

Although you may not get protection from the elements with uncovered storage, this does not mean that your boat must go without this protection altogether. You can invest in a boat cover that covers your entire boat from top to bottom to keep it from being exposed. If the cover is not water resistant, you should consider adding a tarp as a secondary layer to make water slide off.

Remove All Valuables

While you may feel confident about the security measures of the storage complex, you should still remove all valuables before you put the boat in storage. Even if you plan on bringing these items back when you take it out of storage, this extra step will keep these items from being damaged or stolen.

Get an Inspection

Getting a proper boat inspection is worthwhile before you leave the boat for a few months. For instance, you want to avoid a situation in which a rusted part gets worse while in storage. You may also have fluid levels that are low that should be refilled to avoid complications later. If you want to be extra safe, you can ask a boat repair professional for their storage advice.

Contact us if you have any questions about uncovered storage.

Uncovered Storage For Boats And RVs

First, Do You Need Boat or RV Storage?

If you don’t mind dealing with all the issues attached to keeping your boat or RV at your home or office, then storage may not be for you. But knowing the appealing benefits of uncovered storage (and other types of storage) can quickly make you reconsider.

Uncovered Storage For Boats And RVs

What Does “Uncovered Storage” Include?

At a top notch storage facility your boat or RV would park on a parcel of land inside a locked gated area. Facilities are usually accessible before sunrise and well after sunset. You can enter after “punching in” your own unique code at the gate. And payment is simple: using a credit card, with some facilities providing payment by automatic bank withdrawal.

Upgrading From Uncovered Storage

There are occasions when we choose to take advantage of storage away from home, but we desire more than just uncovered storage. Which is why upscale storage facilities offer “upgrades”.

There is covered storage. As the words imply, your boat or RV is protected from the elements by a roofing structure. Your possession is shielded from rain, sun, falling debris, etc.

Also available with covered storage is the option of electricity. This is extremely handy for some customers.

Finally there is enclosed storage. Taking this route provides one hundred percent shelter from environmental damage. Not to mention closing and locking the door, giving your boat or RV total secrecy.

When searching for a facility to store your boat or RV, it’s wise to make sure the ground you’re driving on and storing on isn’t dirt, but asphalt or concrete. That becomes a critical factor during rainy or snowy weather.

Whether you can’t possibly store a boat or RV at your location, or you’d just like it out of your way, contact us with any questions. We provide all of the details mentioned above and could add you to our 5 acre facility today!