Boat & RV Storage Tips

Storing your boat or RV is one of the best ways to keep it safe when not in use. There are actually other things you can do aside from just putting your vehicle in storage that will help ensure it is protected. Here are some storage tips for boat & RV storage you can use to help your vehicle stay in great shape while it is in our storage facility.

#1. Clean the Vehicle First

Boat & RV Storage TipsBugs, tar and bird droppings can all cause damage to your boat or RV’s finish if they are allowed to set. Protect your finish by washing your vehicle thoroughly before bringing it to storage.

#2. Prevent Rodent Damage

Rats, mice and other rodents may attempt to nest inside your vehicle if it sits too long. Make it difficult for them to enter by plugging any holes in the bottom of your boat or RV. Repair damaged sections and plug pipe openings by stuffing their ends with steel or bronze wool.

#3. Prevent UV Damage

Here at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, we offer outdoor parking spaces for boats and RVs. As such, your vehicles could be subject to UV rays unless you take precautionary measures. We recommend placing a cover over top of boats, and using shades on RV windows to keep sunlight out.

#4. Protect Tires from Dry Rot

The odds of tires dry rotting also increases whenever your vehicle is exposed to sunlight. Purchase tire covers or wrap them with a tarp to protect them from damage.

#5. Disconnect your Battery

Your battery is more likely to corrode if you leave it connected while in storage. To extend its lifespan, disconnect your battery and clean the cables thoroughly before leaving it with us.

By following these storage tips, your boat or RV will remain in the best shape possible while it is being stored. To find out more about boat or RV storage, contact us.

3 Reasons You Need Boat & RV Storage

Are you one of the few lucky people who play on the boat or camp all year-long or do you work hard for most of the year so you can play all summer?  If you answered yes to the latter, then you need storage for your boat and RV when they are not in use.  Here are the 3 main reasons why.

  1. Free up space in your driveway – 3 Reasons You Need Boat & RV StorageBoats and RV’s are huge things to keep in your driveway all year-long.  They take up space that could be used for other things like your car, visitors or just a place for your kids to play.  When you use a place that offers big toy storage, you free up space in your own driveway while ensuring the safety of your RV and boat.
  2. Gated Access – When you are looking for the right storage facility for your RV or boat, be sure to find one that offers a security gate so the only people who can access the facility are customers. Sometimes, when you have the right storage facility, your RV and boat are more secure in storage than they are in your own driveway.
  3. Safety from weather – One of the worst things for an RV or boat is the weather.  Rain, snow, sleet and wind are warnings of disaster for a big, expensive toy.  Weather elements can damage the exterior and the paint on the RV and even cause the roof to leak which leads to not only a wet head when you are trying to sleep, but mold and mildew which is very expensive and time-consuming to repair.  You may think that your boat is out on water all the time so it is immune to damage due to weather but it is just as at-risk as an RV.  If your boat was to have too much rain or snow build up inside, it will damage the seats, carpet and upholstery of the boat, again, a very time-consuming and expensive repair that is avoidable.

When your season for camping and boating is over, store it with us!  Contact us for our competitive pricing and multiple options your off-season boat or RV storage.