Year: 2019

Use Camper Storage to Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

One way to offset the costs involved with owning an RV is to take advantage of the sharing economy. But renting your boat or camper to others does come with a drawback, and that is deciding where and when to meet potential renters. Our camper storage facility can easily eliminate that problem for you-here’s how.

Use Camper Storage to Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

Safe and Secure Meeting Area

Experts advise against meeting prospects at your own home. Instead, they recommend a safe, neutral area in which to arrange the transfer. What better place than our secured storage area? You can easily pull your vehicle just outside our electronic gate and have your renters drop it off at the same location. Once the camper is returned, you can place it back inside our storage facility until you are ready to rent or use it again.

Using our storage facility has numerous advantages, namely the fact that you will not have to give other people access to your home. There is also a good chance that other owners will be coming and going from the facility, thereby providing you with an added layer of security. It’s also very convenient, as you will not need to haul your vehicle to another location whenever you are ready to rent it.

Best Practices

Although we are a well-lit storage facility, we recommend you meet people during daylight hours whenever possible. Always carefully inspect your vehicle upon return for signs of damage. Finally, perform research on any RV or boat sharing companies to ensure you sign up with only the most reputable ones.

Our RV storage facility will provide protection for your camper, while also allowing you to make a little extra money on the side. We have enclosed, covered, and uncovered storage, one of which is bound to be right for you. To reserve a spot for camper storage, please contact us.

Professional Trailer Storage With The Leaders In The Industry

Storing your trailer at home for long periods of time while you’re away is never a good idea. Unwanted guests and thieves can be attracted to a longstanding trailer sitting in a driveway or on your acreage. What’s worst, most garages aren’t equipped to hold a trailer or RV. Storing your trailer at a facility is smart during off season, when it’s not in use, or if you’re planning to be away for a long period of time. Smart trailer owners understand the value of protecting their trailer and the following user friendly guide discusses additional advantages of facility storage for your trailer.

Professional Trailer Storage With The Leaders In The Industry

What Are The Advantages Of Trailer Storage

As an investment, storing your trailer can protect the exterior appearance and parts. For example, extreme weather can have stiff consequences on your tires, but storing your trailer in a facility away from the elements can prolong the life of your wheels (trailer tires can be very expensive).  The exterior of your trailer and extreme heat don’t mix either. Prolong direct sunlight on your trailer’s exterior can cause chipping, peeling, or cracking of your paint which can be avoided with the proper facility storage. More importantly, the winter can do the most damage creating costly repairs with too much snow accumulating on your roof or when the snow starts to melt, potentially forcing water through the seams of your trailer.

Why Trailer Owners Prefer Party Barn Boat & RV Storage Facilities

Finding adequate space for your trailer has never been easier with Party Barn Boat & RV Storage. Customers can choose from covered storage that measures 12’x30′ with electricity and 14.5′ clearance, covered storage that measures 12’x30′, and enclosed storage with concrete that measures 12’x30′ including 9.5′ clearance for your trailer. Whatever your needs, Party Barn Boat & Storage is equipped to handle your storage needs. With over 2 decades of experience, our professionals understand the need for a stand alone boat & RV facility. We’re within 3 miles of both Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. Party Barn Boat & RV Storage invites you to enjoy your own exclusive 4-digit code on our 5 acre, 12 inch crushed asphalt storage facility. Don’t hesitate. You’re encouraged to contact us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage today!

Click the following link for immediate Party Barn Boat & RV Storage rentals.

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Protect Your Investment with Covered Storage

To quote David Allan Coe, the upcoming summertime months may soon have you “cussin’ the sweat and the Texas heat, and the skeeters.” We can’t stop that Texas heat, but we can sure help protect your boat or RV from it! Here at Party Barn we offer a variety of covered storage options with varying heights and amenities.

Protect Your Investment with Covered Storage

Electricity is available in some of our covered areas, which is perfect when you’ve fished ’til sunset and need a little more daylight to sanitize your boat to prevent the spread of those pesky Quagga Mussels. You won’t have to tell tall tales about the size of your catch when you have those extra hours to really snag the big one. Or what if your Queen of the RV has requested a last-minute canopy upgrade before the big road trip? We’ve got you covered. (Literally.) Not only will you have the space to get some work done, you’ll have the light to do it after dark if it is necessary.

For those “nine-to-fivers” who simply need a place to park their pride and joy out of the sun while they daydream of lake days from their desk, we offer a perfectly simple solution in our non-electric covered areas.

It is a well-known fact that our beloved Texas sun can do quite a number on boat upholstery, RV accessories, and even trailer tires. Cracking seats, chipping paint, and leaky roofs are a drain on your budget and your precious hours off work. Covered storage helps to protect your investment and ensure she is ready to run for many more summers to come. In addition to providing that much-needed shade, you can be certain your boat or RV is safe and secure in our gated facility. We offer covered storage and more just a stone’s throw from two of the best lakes in the tri-county area, so contact us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage. We’re the perfect jumping-off point for every adventurer.



Do These Things when Taking your Boat out of Storage

You’ve had your boat in storage and are now ready to start using it again. Before heading out on the water, you’ll need to do a few things first. Follow this handy checklist to ensure there are no problems.

Do These Things when Taking your Boat out of Storage

Visually Inspect the Boat

Check your boat’s body, hull, and propellers for signs of damage. Look for cracks, dings, dents, or any apparent moisture damage. Give the exterior a thorough power washing, then make any necessary repairs.

Check Your Engine

The last thing you want is for your boat not to crank up when you finally do take it out. Make sure it is ready now by checking your engine. Follow these steps:

  • Drain fuel and add fresh gasoline.
  • Check the oil level.
  • Change your oil if it was not done prior to placing the boat in storage or the fluid looks especially dark.
  • Check the condition of your spark plug and replace if necessary.
  • Crank up the motor and allow it to run for a few minutes. Pay attention to whether it is difficult to start or appears to run rough.

Inspect Other Components

Once you are satisfied with your engine’s performance, you’ll then want to check your remaining fluids as well as your belts and hoses. Inspect your battery for signs of corrosion, and add water if needed.

Perform a Safety Check

A boat inspection is not complete until you have covered safety. Ensure that your boat has the appropriate safety equipment and that everything is in good working order. This should include life jackets, life preservers, and fire extinguishers.

Safe, Reliable Boat Storage from Party Barn

At Party Barn Boat & RV Storage, we’ll provide you with the ideal space to park your boat during the off-season. Ideally, this should mean that your boat will require as little effort as possible to get it up and running again. To reserve your spot, please contact us.

Keeping Pests out While your RV is in Storage

When taking your RV out of storage, the last thing you want to worry about is an insect or rodent infestation. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure your camper remains as pest free as possible.

Keeping Pests out While your RV is in Storage

Seal up any Openings

Check underneath your RV for holes or cracks so that you can either seal or cover them. One of the best ways to find hidden cracks is to wait until it is dark outside and then turn on the lights on inside your RV. Crawl underneath and the light shining through will make these openings obvious.

Remember that any opening can become an avenue for creatures to enter. Accordingly, you should cover all vents and plug up sink and shower drains.

Drain Water Lines

Insects and vermin will be attracted to any source of water. As such, you should ensure that your water lines are completely drained. Get rid of any water left in your toilet, shower, or sink while you are at it.

Install Insect Screens

Insect screens do more than just protect your windows, as they can also provide a barrier around openings that might otherwise be difficult to seal up. Consider adding them around your water heater, furnace, refrigerator, or other appliances.

Ensure a Tidy Parking Spot

Critters are more likely to visit your RV if the location it sits on is overgrown. Keep grass and weeds neatly trimmed, and avoid stacking hay, wood, or similar items anywhere near your camper.

Protect with Covered and Uncovered Storage

One of the best ways to prevent pests is by renting one of our covered or uncovered storage spaces. Rodents in particular do not like to nest near areas of vast concrete or gravel. We keep our lot well maintained so that you will not have to worry about unwanted guests taking up residence. To see our available spaces, please contact us.

Discover How Long-Term Auto Storage Can Be A Lifesaver

It’s tough being away from your car for an extended period of time. Are you military personnel or going on an extended business trip? Long-term auto storage can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your car. In fact, keep reading factual details about how long-term storage can benefit your auto care needs.

Discover How Long-Term Auto Storage Can Be A Lifesaver

  • Damage

Damages can be a concern when it comes to leaving your vehicle for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, damage can be a result of extreme temperatures if your vehicle is left stagnant for weeks. If you’re vehicle is left sitting in the sun or exposed to the cold for a long time, your car is subjected to peeling, chipping, or mechanical failures. Plus, entrusting your friend with your car isn’t a good idea because they may want to drive your vehicle against your wishes leaving a possible liability. Driving your vehicle can result in an accident which could easily be prevented with long-term storage.

  • Theft

Thieves prey on vehicles that they see sitting for a long time. A theft will see your vehicle as an easy target if it’s sitting for a while in a driveway or on a public street. Thieves will be attracted to the contents of your vehicle and your car parts when your car is left unprotected. In fact, your car isn’t even safe in your garage for a long period of time. Don’t leave your vehicle exposed to thieves. Why not protect your vehicle with long-term storage? Party Barn Boat & RV Storage understands the need for a reliable auto storage facility.

What Party Barn Boat & RV Storage Offers Our Customers

We’re conveniently located near Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas. Choose from 3 types of storage spaces including enclosed spaces to protect your vehicle. We offer you a peace of mind when it comes to long-term vehicle storage. Our mission is to give your car our full consideration We also offer our customers their own 4 digit access code for private entry and exit access. You’re invited to contact us at Party Barn Boat & RV Storage for more details on affordable long-term storage today.

Enjoy Reliable Protection by Getting Covered Storage for Your Boat

Owning a boat in an area with sizable lakes nearby will give you plenty of opportunities to get out in the water throughout most of the year. But, while you may be able to get away with taking your boat out at any time, you may like the idea of treating it as a seasonal activity. This means that you will need a place to store your boat during seasons in which you plan to stay on land.

Renting a storage space is a great idea because it will give you a dedicated spot to keep your boat from the moment you stop using it until you want to take it out again. Choosing covered storage is ideal because it will give you reliable protection from the elements throughout the year.

Enjoy Reliable Protection by Getting Covered Storage for Your Boat


If you look around at boats and cars that are constantly exposed to the sun over the course of several years, you may notice the exterior paint jobs looking faded and certain areas oxidizing. A quick look at the interior of cars or boats may expose seats with cracked leather or faded fabric.

By getting covered storage, you will not have to worry about your boat being exposed to direct sunlight that can damage your boat and reduce its resale value over time.


Another problem that you will not have to worry about with covered storage is the wind. Even if the sides are not covered, you will notice the storage area providing protection with the combination of the top and all the boats lined up in a row to prevent wind from getting through.

When wind is not able to blow freely, you will reduce how much dirt and dust flies around the area and onto exposed parts where your boat’s cover does not provide protection.


If your boat cover has some exposure on the bottom side, you will appreciate covered storage for protection from the rain. It will prevent rain drops from hitting the ground and bouncing upward where water could reach the bottom boat parts and cause wear and tear over time.

Contact us if you have any questions about our boat storage options.

The Benefits of Moving Unused Vehicles to a Storage Facility

If you have a seasonal vehicle that you do not plan on using for a few months, or you have a pleasure vehicle that you rarely use, you may want to consider storing it at a vehicle storage facility rather than continuing to keep it on your property. If you have an extra vehicle that rarely gets used and you currently store it on your property, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider moving it to a storage facility.

The Benefits of Moving Unused Vehicles to a Storage Facility

Free Up Space

Unless you live on a large amount of land in the country, then it is likely that space is limited (and at a premium) on your property. This makes storing cars at your home that go unused for long periods of time inefficient, as a car that is not being used will be taking up valuable space that could be used for something else. Relocating such a car to a storage facility can help to drastically reduce any storage problems you currently have by freeing up extra space in your garage or on your property.

Protect Your Car From The Elements

If you are like many people, then you do not want to waste space in your garage on a vehicle that rarely gets driven. However, if you are storing your vehicle outside, this may be a costly mistake. Vehicles that are kept on the street, in a driveway, or in a backyard are exposed to the sun and run, which can destroy the paint, cause the interior to fade, and can even cause rust and corrosion to set in. Over time, this can affect the look and functionality of your car, and it can lower its resale value. This makes it a good idea to store your infrequently used vehicle(s) at a covered or indoor storage facility in order to protect it from the elements.

These are just a few of the benefits of storing vehicles that you rarely use at a storage facility. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of vehicle storage as well as to find out about our storage facilities.

Discover How Long-Term Auto Storage Can Benefit Your Needs

Are you active military and being deployed overseas? Are you taking a family vacation and don’t want to leave your car in the garage? According to the National Crime Insurance Bureau, car theft is on the rise. It’s not enough to have an anti-theft car alarm when you’re away on an extended trip. In fact, it may not be the wisest choice to leave your car with an irresponsible friend or family member that wants nothing more than to be seen in your Tesla. What can you do if you plan to be away from your car for a few weeks or months?

Discover How  Long-Term Auto Storage Can Benefit Your Needs

How To Benefit From Long-Term Automobile Storage

The professionals at Party Barn Boat & RV provide safe storage accommodations for your vehicle. Choose from covered, uncovered, and enclosed storage spaces. Our facility gives you a peace of mind when you’re away from your car at a price that works for any budget.

The Benefits Of Long-Term Auto Storage:

– 24/7 protection

– protection against theft

– protect against weather damage

– secure parking spot

– auto deterioration

If you don’t prepare a safe location for your vehicle when you’re away, you could return to a serious liability that includes damage, loss of functions, and/or theft. Our facility proudly owns and operates over 5 acres on a 12 inch crushed asphalt surface. We’re located within close proximity to Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. Best of all, you’ll have your own 4 digit ID code  that allows you to open and close the gate without ever having to exit your vehicle. You’re invited to contact us at Party Barn Boat & RV for more details on long-term vehicle storage and excellent rates for everyone especially active military.

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Attain The Peace Of Mind You Need With The Right RV Storage Facility

It does not matter if you are a part-time RV user or a full-time RV user, you will eventually need to find the right place to store your RV. While many RV owners choose to park it in their driveway, do you really want to have your RV using that much of your driveway space? Many owners think too much work goes into finding RV storage, but it is actually pretty simple.

When you are searching for RV storage, it is essential that you make sure you use the right tools to find the right location that will meet all of your needs. If you google the words “RV” and “storage”, you may be overwhelmed with all the results. So, how do you know where you should start? Not every situation will be the same, but when we are discussing RV storage, there are a few things you should not forget about when you are looking for the right RV facility for you.

Attain The Peace Of Mind You Need With The Right RV Storage Facility

Covered Storage and Uncovered Storage

The location you choose to store your RV can all depend on a variety of factors, including how long you plan to keep your RV stored and the time of the year. If you plan to keep your RV stored during a time of year when extreme weather takes place, you may want to consider finding a facility that offers enclosed parking. If you only want to store your RV for a brief period of time, you may think about uncovered parking. If you want to protect your RV from being damaged by sunlight, you may want to think about covered parking. Fortunately, there are multiple options on the table.

Security Features

You cannot afford to forget about security features when you are considering RV storage. Your RV is something that has become valuable to you, and you should make sure you store it properly. The storage facility you choose should have the proper security features and security measures. A storage facility that has the proper security measures will be able to protect your RV from being stolen or vandalized.

Storage Capacity

RVs are not the same in size, and this is why it is important to have enough space to store your RV properly. You will need enough room so it will be easier to bring your RV in and exit with your RV. You will also need to have the peace of mind in knowing that your RV will not be in the way of other RVs.

We know that you want to have peace of mind in knowing that your RV is properly stored. When you are ready to have your RV stored in the right place, please do not hesitate to contact us today.